Austin Mediators Association Leadership

Board of Directors

President of the Board 

STHEA MASON-KAPOOR has studied conflict analysis and peacemaking for more than 20 years in 6 different countries.  She has worked with both non-profit organizations and small businesses, most recently as a consultant in a communications and digital marketing role.  Sthea completed a basic mediation training course in 2007 at the Social Justice Mediation Institute, and completed a Master’s degree in Conflict Transformation in 2009 at the School for International Training. She speaks Spanish as a second language.  Sthea is a TMCA credentialed mediator and has volunteered at the Austin Dispute Resolution Center since 2015. As a social services case manager, researcher, supervisor and trainer for many years she has provided a listening ear and guidance in life skills for thousands of individuals from all walks of life. 


MARISELA MADDOX is a licensed Texas attorney and credentialed mediator. She is committed to a party-driven, mediator-facilitated approach to mediation. Marisela volunteers with three Dispute Resolutions Centers in Central Texas. In addition, to mediation she manages the largest online store for imported Japanese sake, a business she started with her husband over a decade ago.


CLAY AVERY is licensed to practice law in Texas, but chooses to focus on using mediation

as a primary means for conflict resolution. With over 100+ hours of mediation

experience, Clay is a strong believer in the Community-Based approach to collaborative

problem solving. He is an active volunteer mediator at the Austin Dispute Resolution

Center in addition to coaching future mediators during the 40-hour basic mediator

training. In 2018, Clay helped implement the first online dispute resolution system used

in a Travis County court. Clay holds a BBA from Texas Christian University and a JD

from the University of Texas School of Law.

Membership Coordinator

LORI HOADLEY received her advanced mediation training from the University of Texas at Austin in 2016 while pursuing her honors undergraduate degree in psychology. She was a volunteer at the UT Conflict Resolution Center, helping students with Judicial Services referrals and Title IX issues. A member of the Austin Mediation Association since 2017, she hopes to help promote mediation in Austin's diverse community. Lori is the senior operations coordinator at Brighter Bites in Austin, a non-profit that provides nutrition education in elementary schools. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and eating with her family, exercising, gardening, and traveling